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Skinny Seattle program is a lifesaver! After spending most of my adult life on a roller coaster of diet programs (30+ programs including books, personal training, medical nutritionalists, etc), I was facing some very serious health concerns that were getting worse daily due to menopause. I stumbled upon a video from SkinnySeattle on YouTube, and was fascinated with their approach to weight loss: manage inflammation and the weight loss will follow. So, I signed up for the free consultation with Dr. Mary. She was so kind and caring about my situation and never passing judgement on my weight issues. Her only goal was to get me on the right track ASAP to reduce inflammation and help with my daily pain and low energy. In the first 40 days, I dropped 35lbs! Being menopausal, I never though losing weight was possible, but thanks to Dr. Mary’s advice and Skinny Seattle program, I better understand how my body works, and what to do to keep both my weight and inflammation under control. I’m still working on losing more weight over the next year, but for once in my life, I feel in control of my health instead of it controlling me.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with Skinny Seattle. Your story is truly inspiring, and we’re honored to have played a part in your health transformation.Dropping 35 pounds in the first 40 days is an amazing achievement, especially during menopause, which can make weight loss particularly challenging.Your newfound understanding of how your body works and how to manage both your weight and inflammation is empowering. It’s fantastic to hear that you now feel in control of your health, and we’re confident that you’ll continue to see progress in the coming year and for the rest of your life. Thank you for sharing your story and for trusting Skinny Seattle to help you on your journey to better health. If you ever need further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way.Wishing you continued health, happiness, and success!
My cousin recommended Skinny Seattle to me because my blood pressure numbers were getting extremely high. For over a year, I have been struggling to lose weight. Skinny Seattle has been a true and incredibly amazing blessing for me. It has changed my life in many ways. My blood pressure has significantly dropped. I sleep better and also wake up feeling rested. My mental energy at work has increased and my physical energy has improved. My clothes fit a lot better and that has freed me of stressing about buying bigger sizes. My skin and body look healthier. I have gained the habit of drinking more water throughout the day. I feel happier and motivated. I have learned the importance of healthy eating by choosing items that have better nutritional value as well as learned about better ways to exercise. I love the support I have received throughout the program; any questions or concerns always get addressed within a reasonable time.Dr. Mary is very friendly and passionate about helping others improve their health. Thank you so much for being out there. If you really want a true change in your health and you are ready to make changes, I deeply and sincerely recommend the Skinny Seattle program.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your transformative experience with Skinny Seattle. Your story is incredibly inspiring, and we’re delighted to hear about the positive changes you’ve experienced. It's wonderful to know that your blood pressure has significantly dropped, and you're enjoying better sleep, increased mental and physical energy, and the comfort of fitting into your clothes without stress. The improvements in your skin and overall health are fantastic to hear. Nice work.
Dr. Mary and her staff are fabulous as well as the program itself. Seattle Skinny gave me the mindset to help me be more aware of my eating habits and how it affects my body on a daily basis! I have osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and family history of diabetes. My blood pressure has come down and my pain and inflammation has decreased! It’s hard work but worth it!!
Response from the owner: Hi Patti-Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your positive experience with Dr. Mary, the staff, and the Skinny Seattle program. We're delighted to hear about the significant impact it has had on your health and well-being.Managing conditions like osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a family history of diabetes can be challenging, but it's wonderful to hear that our program has helped reduce your blood pressure, pain, and inflammation.We understand that the journey to better health requires hard work, and we're thrilled that you found it to be worth the effort. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Keep up the great work!
It is my pleasure to write a review for the New You Program. For the past several years I increasingly gained weight, at first, I thought I could do what I did in the past to lose the weight but nothing happened. I then realized my weight gain was due to other factors such as menopause, a slower metabolism, and inflammation. I had heard of the program for years but January 2024 was the year I was determined to make a change. I wanted to feel better in my body, I knew my A1c numbers were increasing which could lead to a diabetes diagnosis, I wanted to curb my sugar cravings and have energy again. After meeting with Dr. Mary, she confirmed what I had expected. Since beginning the program in late January, I have lost a significant amount of weight (45 pounds), my A1c numbers are within a healthy range, the pain in my joints has diminished and I no longer crave sugar after every meal. The education, and support provided throughout the program was a godsend, no question was a silly question and Dr. Mary was always available to offer her wisdom, experience, and recipes. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is ready to make a change.
Response from the owner: Hi Heather-Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Skinny Seattle/New You Program. Your words are incredibly uplifting and speak volumes about the profound impact our program can have on someone's life.It's evident that your journey was not an easy one, but your determination to make a change in January set the stage for remarkable transformation. Your realization about the factors contributing to your weight gain, such as menopause, metabolism changes, and inflammation, is a testament to your self-awareness and willingness to address underlying issues.We're thrilled that the program provided the guidance you needed on your journey towards better health. Your accomplishments speak for themselves—losing 45 pounds, achieving healthy A1c numbers, reducing joint pain, and overcoming sugar cravings are all great accomplishments.Thank you for your heartfelt recommendation of the New You/Skinny Seattle Program. Your story is an inspiration to others who may be ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier life.Wishing you continued success, vitality, and joy in your journey!
I heard about the Skinny Seattle program from a mutual friend. She had great success on this plan. After chatting with Dr. Mary I was excited to start my weight loss journey. I wanted to learn how to eat better and have more energy throughout my day. Not only did I lose weight, I have more energy and lowered my blood pressure. Dr. Mary is very motivating and and very informative about how certain foods can help or hinder how you feel. I also liked how she seems to care about your success and not pushy about selling products. I am very happy that I completed this program with the tools to use going forward in my continued plan to stay healthy.
Response from the owner: Hey Lisa,Thank you for taking the time to share your fantastic experience with Skinny Seattle! We're thrilled to hear about your success on our program and your positive interaction with Dr. Mary Klimek.It's wonderful that you had a friend who shared their success story, leading you to begin on your own weight loss journey. We're happy we were able to provide the guidance and motivation you needed to achieve your goals of losing weight, gaining energy, and lowering your blood pressure.It's great to know that Skinny Seattle's approach to teaching about the impact of certain foods resonated with you. We believe in empowering you with the tools and knowledge to continue your healthy lifestyle long after completing the program!Your success story is an inspiration, and we're so glad you're happy with the results and the tools you now have for maintaining your health. If you ever need further support or guidance, please know that we're here for you.Thank you again for your kind words and for choosing Skinny Seattle to be part of your journey to a healthier you. We wish you continued success and well-being!
The Skinny Seattle program with Dr. Mary Klimek’s wisdom and guidance has answered my prayers to finding a healthier lifestyle. I’m a 72 yr old woman who has tried a variety of diets unfortunately always gaining back the pounds I lost. With a history of issues with acid reflux, inflammation, IT band pain , plantar fasciitis, arthritis in my knee,  carpal tunnel, and recently a medial meniscus tear, & A-Fib, my goal was to find strategies that could bring balance to my health without too much medication and to consume natural food for nutrition. In the past I’ve enlisted the help of physical therapist for healing injuries and also a personal trainer for strengthening but could still not lose weight. My body was struggling and then I was fortunate to read about the Skinny Seattle program. After consulting with Dr. Klimek, I sensed this program was going to fit my needs. Her personal and encouraging style is very welcoming. Within the first few months of the program I lost twenty pounds and I’m still losing. I have no inflammation,  and no pain in my knee which has cancelled my need for surgery for my meniscus  tear. Once my body got accustomed to  proper nutrition my metabolism was reset, weight started dropping off, and my acid reflux was gone. Other positive outcomes have been increased energy level, improved sleep, no more food cravings, and better eating habits. All of the above have been benefits to my health, but the most important take away for me has been my mindset shift toward my body. I’ve embraced that God has given me this body as a wonderful gift and my priority now is  to treat it with kindness, love, and respect.  How I treat it and what I put in it has a  significant affect on how I feel. I can honestly say at this point my health is in balance. If you are someone looking for ways to obtain a healthier lifestyle I would strongly recommend the investment in the Skinny Seattle program. I’ve been truly blessed and ever so grateful to Dr. Mary Klimek for teaching me new tools & habits that I will use throughout my journey to living  a healthier lifestyle. She is truly a  health angel that has blessed my life!
After a couple years of unsuccessful weight management I sought the help of Skinny Seattle in improving my overall healthThey helped me learn how to eat better for me and my body, I successfully lost the 20+ pounds I had put on over the pandemic but the best result was in how I felt, eating better lowered my stress significantly. My energy is so much better and my inflammation has gone done where I no longer wake up in pain.If you want to feel happy and healthy, try it out. It's a wonderful supportive program.
Response from the owner: Hi Monique. Thank you for sharing your experience with Skinny Seattle! We're so glad to hear that our program has made a positive impact on your health and well-being.Navigating weight management can be challenging, especially during times of stress like the pandemic. We're thrilled that you found success with our program and were able to shed the extra pounds you gained. But more importantly, we're delighted to hear about the improvements in your overall well-being. It's fantastic that eating better has not only helped you physically but has also lowered your stress levels significantly. Feeling more energetic and experiencing a reduction in inflammation are incredible outcomes, and we're thrilled that you no longer wake up in pain.Thank you for your kind words about our program being supportive and wonderful. Your recommendation means the world to us, and we're here to continue supporting you on your journey to happiness and health.
I can't overstate how impressed I was with the Skinny Seattle program; it has been nothing short of life-changing. I have lost over 40lbs (to date), have more energy, lowered my A1C to 5.1 and most importantly have the tools to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.I have tried various diets, exercise, etc. over the years and while I have had some success, it was limited and ultimately didn't stick. When my wife found information about this program online, I was admittedly skeptical (based on my past experiences) but decided to more forward with the Initial Consultation to learn more.I learned so much over the course of this program, that is no way that I could share it all here. I will say that Dr. Mary and the program taught me a great deal about how my body converts food to fuel, how to tune my metabolism to burn fat and how I can live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. The support you receive in the program is exceptional; from the materials (recipe guide, program phase videos, etc.), to the regular check-ins and the messaging support for questions thru their app.In the last phase of the program, you learn to reincorporate foods you love without regaining all the weight (they call if "Food for Fun" vs. "Food for Fuel").This program was worth every penny and I am confident that I can continue to lose additional weight to reach my final goal and more importantly live a healthy life!Thanks Skinny Seattle!
Response from the owner: Hi Phil, We couldn't be more grateful for your overwhelmingly positive review of the Skinny Seattle program. It brings us so much joy to hear about the significant impact our program has had on your life.Losing over 40lbs is a remarkable achievement, and we're thrilled that you've experienced increased energy levels and improvements in your A1C. Equally important is the empowerment you feel with the tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle moving forward.Dr. Mary Klimek’s expertise and the comprehensive nature of the Skinny Seattle program aim to provide not just weight loss, but a deep understanding of how your body functions and how to sustain long-term health.Thank you for recognizing the value of our program and for trusting us with your health journey. We're here to continue supporting you as you work towards your final goal and beyond. Wishing you continued success, vitality, and happiness on your journey to a healthy life!

Uncover your Metabolic Road Blocks

Learn how you can lose weight in just 40 days!

Success Stories

Our 5-Step Program is Your Path to Maintainable Weight Loss!

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Mary D.

Lost 35.6 lbs.

Aug '23
July '23

Alison M.

Lost 20 lbs.

Sept '23
July '23

Cat C.

Lost 19.4 lbs.

July '23
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Lynnette M.

Lost 30.4 lbs.

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Rhonda W.

Lost 14 lbs.

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The Skinny Seattle Difference:

Weight Loss Success Stories

For Weight Loss to work, It Has to Work for You

Begin with a 40-Day Journey

At Skinny Seattle, we create a wellness program around you, your goals, and your needs, so you’ll lose weight in 40 days — that’s real fat loss, not just water weight.

Get Your Plan

After you answer some quick questions to help us identify your metabolic and hormonal roadblocks we’ll work to create a customized plan to help reboot your metabolism and rebalance your hormones.

Speed Up your Metabolism

We’ll address your sluggish metabolism by uncovering underlying conditions holding you back and start burning more fat!

Real Food for Real Weight Loss

Integrate real food you buy and prepare at home to help you shed fat and keep it off- no shakes or prepackaged meals

No Exercise Required

Lose weight without spending hours in the gym. We focus on teaching you solid principles of nutrition to get results. Weight loss is 95% what you eat and 5% exercise!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

We will help you achieve fast and sustainable weight loss by following our five essential steps:

Step 1: Alkalize and Reduce Inflammation
Start by alkalizing your pH levels and reducing inflammation within your body. This foundational step sets the stage for overall well-being and paves the way for successful weight loss.

Step 2: Systemic and Cellular Detoxification
Engage in a comprehensive detoxification process that targets both systemic (whole-body) and cellular levels. By eliminating toxins and waste, you’ll optimize your body’s functions and promote a healthier environment for weight loss.

Step 3: Identify and Address Metabolic Imbalances
Identifying the primary stressors impacting your body’s metabolism is crucial. Through extensive lab work included in the program, the doctor will identify where your metabolism has slowed down and which hormones are misfiring. This process not only optimizes weight loss but also promotes overall health and vitality leading to more energy, less cravings, and better sleep.

Step 4: Restore Hormonal, Neurotransmitter, and Blood Sugar Balance
Achieving sustainable weight loss requires harmonizing your hormones, neurotransmitters, and blood sugar levels. Our program focuses on restoring balance in these areas, allowing your body to function optimally and support your weight loss goals.

Step 5: Reset Metabolism and Weight Set Point
Finally, we’ll reset your metabolism and weight set point to ensure sustainable and long-lasting weight loss results. By recalibrating your body’s natural mechanisms, we’ll help you achieve a healthy weight and show you how to maintain it effectively.

These five fundamental steps are critical in helping you get to your desired weight. With such a comprehensive approach, you will no longer have to rely on temporary fixes, and you’ll learn the lifelong habits that will lead to a happier, healthier life for years to come.

Will I be hungry on the program?

Many participants are pleasantly surprised to discover that their hunger diminishes significantly when they start learning the habits of healthy eating. If you’re accustomed to constant snacking, you may worry about cravings and hunger pangs. These symptoms often stem from blood sugar imbalances. With our metabolic reboot program, you will learn how to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This helps promote metabolic flexibility and encourages a fat-burning metabolism. The end result- say goodbye to constant hunger and hello to a newfound sense of balance!

Can I keep exercising on the program?

We understand that exercise may be an important part of your lifestyle. We’re here to help provide modifications and recommendations while still prioritizing your health and well-being and getting you to your goals. Either way, let us help you find a healthier, more balanced you.

How much cooking is involved in the program?

Our program uses whole foods that are available everywhere and anywhere. We’ll teach you the skills you need to confidently shop and cook the foods you like to lose weight and keep it off. No more prepackaged foods, counting points or depending on powders to maintain your results. The recipes are simple, fast and include minimal ingredients. We encourge your entire family to consume the same foods – healthy foods are for every one! A majority of the meals can be cooked and prepped in 20 minutes or less.

Does this program require me to spend hours in the gym?

Forget everything you’ve been told about weight loss and exercise. While exercise has commonly been touted as the key to successful weight loss, long-term research studies have proven that this method is not effective for lasting results. Sometimes, overexercising can actually lead to adrenal and hormone stress, leaving you more tired and more hungry. It can often hinder your progress and even prevent you from losing weight in the first place.

It’s time to let go of the belief that intense exercise is the only path to weight loss. Join our program and learn a healthy approach to reboot your metabolism and get your hormones working for you again. Overexertion and hours in the gym is a thing of the past.

How much does the program cost?

Losing weight and feeling great is not just for the wealthy. Most of our patients are regular people like you, who want to learn the foundation of healthy eating. We understand that everyone’s needs and objectives differ, which is why the cost of our program varies based on your specific goals and lab results. Contact us by calling, or clicking the “schedule now” button on our website to arrange a personal consultation with the Doctor either in person or remotely. Together we’ll create the perfect plan and start the life-changing journey towards a healthier, happier you!

How can I learn more about your program and see if it’s a good fit for me?

The best way to determine whether you would be a good fit is to schedule an initial in-person or remote consultation. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about your goals and needs and gives you the chance to ask us any questions you might have. There’s no obligation. During the comprehensive consultation with the doctor, we will go over your health history in detail, discuss your weight and wellness goals, and outline the steps to help you achieve those goals with one-on-one doctor support along the way.

Do you prescribe medications?

No. All of the recommended supplements do not contain hormones, appetite suppressants, or stimulants. They are great plant-based nutrients that will assist in rebooting your metabolism and rebalancing your hormones to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. Your prescribing medical doctor will continue to manage any current prescription medications.

Do you accept insurance?

This program in general is considered to be above standard care and therefore elective as far as the insurance industry is concerned. We do everything we can to make sure this type of program is affordable and available to everyone. We have payment plans available within everyone’s budget. We do accept care credit and/or FSA / HSA.

Why Choose Skinny Seattle?

Four good reasons to get started today!

You’ll Lose Weight Fast in the Healthiest Way Possible

Getting consistent results is a huge motivator for anyone watching their weight. With our program, you can lose significant weight in 40 days. You can lose 20-40 lbs in the first two months without compromising your health. That way, you’ll be happier, more energetic, and more productive.

Eat What You Want Instead of Prepackage Food

Our approach teaches you how to lose weight while eating real food you get from the grocery store and make in your kitchen. While extreme diets might help you lose some weight in the short term, they aren’t sustainable and you’ll end up gaining the weight back. Our program offers you choices that keep you full and satisfied.

100% Doctor Supervised

No gimmicks. No tricks. No nonsense. Our Doctors provide one-on-one coaching and support. Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll lower your health risks. We understand that losing weight is not just dieting and exercise but also an emotional and psychological process that can be challenging to tackle alone. At Skinny Seattle- we offer you a doctor-supervised, personalized, practical program to help you succeed.

Live in a Body that Radiates Power and Vitality

Our wellness approach will help you get significant and sustainable weight loss in 40 days or less. We’ll help you regain your self-confidence, craft a body that radiates power and vitality, and teach you how to keep the weight off for life.

Fat Loss Blueprint:

 3 Actions to Ensure You Burn Fat, Every Day

Goal 1: Reset Your Metabolism

Your metabolism and your hormones are a major factor in your ability to lose weight. If your metabolism is working for you, you can reach any weight you desire. If your metabolism and your hormones are working against you, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off.

With comprehensive lab testing, we’ll evaluate your metabolism and create a customized program to help you reboot your metabolism and rebalance your hormones so you can consistently and naturally burn fat for energy, lose weight and keep it off for good!

Goal 2: Stop Your Body From Storing Fat

Some people naturally store fat instead of burning it, which results in being overweight or obese. Though no fault of their own, their bodies store fat, making their weight increase of plateau. The culprit for this condition might be hormonal changes or metabolic issues. We’ll help determine the root cause of this so you can burn fat instead of store it.

Goal 3: Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine

The final step of our Skinny Seattle weight loss program is to train your body to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and carbohydrate. The result- long lasting weight loss that you can keep off.

*Your results may vary based on physical health and adherence to
the program. No weight loss guarantees are provided or implied.

*Weight loss varies by individual
**Health benefits vary by individual
DISCLAIMER Weight loss results will always vary for individuals, depending on the individual’s physical condition, lifestyle, diet, and personal commitment. Always consult your primary physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control, or exercise program. The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease, and has not been evaluated by the FDA, and it is not meant for you to self-diagnose or self-treat your specific health issue.

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