Meet Dr. Timothy Panah

Timothy Panah, DC is the creator and founder of the “The New You – Total Health Weight Loss” Skinny Seattle concept. He has dedicated his career to helping people discover and uncover their potential.  He has lectured from coast to coast on health and wellness, appeared on television numerous times, and hosted two radio shows guiding people towards better health and quality of life. He has extensive post graduate training in functional medicine and received his Board Certification in Integrated Medicine from the American Association of Integrative Medicine. He was formally trained as a doctor of chiropractic and has been in practice for 31 years. Dr. Panah believes our bodies possess an amazing capacity to express optimal health and recovery when placed in the right environment and given the proper support.

Meet Dr. Mary Klimek, Clinic Director Bellevue

Meet Dr. Mary Klimek, a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner with a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. Dr. Klimek received their Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and went on to earn their Doctor of Chiropractic degree from prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. With a background in exercise science and a deep understanding of the body’s musculoskeletal system, Dr. Klimek is well-equipped to address the root causes of pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Klimek is also trained in functional medicine, a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses the underlying causes of chronic disease. By identifying and addressing imbalances in the body’s biochemistry, Dr. Klimek is able to help patients achieve fast and sustainable weight loss and prevent the development of chronic conditions. Metabolic imbalances can have profound effects on pain, fatigue, weight, sleep, energy, and mental function. With a broad range of advanced diagnostic tools, Dr. Klimek is able to identify a patient’s metabolic roadblocks and help them reboot their metabolism for optimal results.

Dr. Klimek integrates chiropractic care with functional medicine to provide a comprehensive approach to healing. She works with patients to create personalized treatment and weight loss plans that address their unique needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, improve your overall health, or achieve your weight loss goals, Dr. Klimek is here to support you on your journey to wellness.

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What makes Skinny Seattle unique

There are no prepackaged meals, points or drugs involved.  Everything you need is included in our program, there are no monthly or recurring fees!  We create a simple and sensible plan for every client that gives them the best chance of reaching their weight loss goals.

Our all-natural approach is aimed at improving your overall health. Our goal is to bring your body back into balance, optimize pH and detoxify your body so you lose weight naturally.* Keep in mind that this is without medication or hormones, all while under careful supervision.

  • Personalized for every client
  • Simple to follow plan
  • No prepackaged foods to buy
  • See real results*
  • More than just a diet program
  • A proven approach
  • No drugs or hormones
  • All natural products
  • Carefully supervised
  • Affordably priced
  • All-inclusive program
  • Unlimited Support

Why Can’t You Lose Weight

Sadly many people have been brow beat into believing that they are too weak and undisciplined to lose the weight. The reality is that most weight gain is not a consequence of poor choices but rather a consequence of two types of imbalances: hormonal and metabolic. Almost all weight gain has a hormonal and metabolic component and if those are not addressed then the result is less than ideal. You may lose the weight for a season but it will come right back. There is nothing worse than eating like a mouse and exercising and still struggling on the scale. Even if you lose the weight, you have to stay constantly on guard otherwise you gain it all back. Why? No one ever reset your metabolism.  
Before I go any further, let me just say that we don’t prescribe meds of any kind or offer hormonal pills. We utilize specific plant based nutritional support in conjunction with a food plan to restore balance and integrity to the body’s systems while it goes through fat burning.* The goal is to provide sustainable metabolic changes by actually changing your weight set point. Life is not perfect and your diet won’t be perfect either. There will always be birthdays, vacations, and special occasions that result in less than ideal eating habits but they should be the exception and not the rule. As long as you eat a healthy diet and participate in some mild exercise 3 times a week then you should be able to maintain the weight loss for life.